Michael Fajans

Fellow Americans © Michael Fajans
President © Michael Fajans
Mote © Michael Fajans
Polygraph © Michael Fajans
The Shirley-Jones Gallery in Yellow Springs, Ohio is pleased to announce, as the gallery's first show, an exhibition of paintings by Seattle-based artist Michael Fajans. The exhibition, which opens June 25, 2004 and continues through July 31, will present some 14 paintings ranging over more than a decade.

Michael Fajans hails originally from New York City. He attended Antioch College studying dance and visual art and graduated in 1970. Shortly thereafter, he assembled a group of friends to begin painting outdoor murals in and around Yellow Springs, Ohio. This enterprise ultimately sparked a keen interest in approaches to realism in painting.

Today, some 30-plus years later, he continues to engage realist polemics in conventional studio scale paintings as well as large scale public mural commissions. His most recent public project is a major mural for the newly completed Seattle Federal Court Building. The mural, which is comprised of three horizontal bands each measuring 9 feet high and 80 feet long, took the last two years to execute and will be installed in the building's main lobby this July.

A populist at heart, Fajans paints regular people caught in the act of thinking. He works from photographs which he shoots of people in some act of particular activity or decision making. He chooses images which are, on the surface, unassuming, but which by making the viewer a voyeur of sorts, raise questions about the viewer's relationship to the image at hand. In his own words, he seeks to make "paintings wherein a viewer's self-consciousness surfaces while observing a depicted 'counterpart' momentarily unselfconscious." Along the way, Fajans employs a wide range of pictorial techniques which give visual richness and distinct diversity to each image.

In addition to a body of paintings, the exhibition will present various documentation of Mr. Fajans' public projects.

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